The Deadline is Looming for your Tax Returns!

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January 31st 2016: if you’re a small business who hasn’t filed their tax return by that date, you’re automatically £100 worse off. If you aren’t receiving practical and effective accountancy advice to guide you through tax and revenue in all its many guises, you might be even worse off than that.

Simon Jeremy of Eagle Accountancy in Carmarthen is already assisting many local small businesses in navigating their way through the intricacies of tax and their official dealings with HMRC. He offers fixed-fee services so you know that you’ll never find hidden extras to foot and is focused on helping you make your business work for you as hard as you work for it.

Perhaps you feel that your business is so small that you don’t need and can’t afford an accountant to assist? Simon deals with many one-man enterprises and your concerns are the same as everyone else’s in the same situation. His experience in the field means that what seems like a big problem to you is something he’s already successfully addressed in another setting which leaves you with more time and energy to commit to building your business and reputation without worrying about the next ream of official paperwork that will come through the letterbox. For the fixed fee you get all the help you could possibly need to keep your financial affairs in perfect, legal order whilst you concentrate on doing whatever is it that you do best. Amongst many other services, included in the package are 2 meetings per year, unlimited phone access so you can speak with him as the need arises and – even better – Eagle Accountancy will act as your representative in all dealings with Mr Taxman. All you need to do is furnish them with the information they require and Bob’s Your Uncle – problem solved, efficiently, legally and accurately.

Eagle Accountancy excel in not only presenting your information to HMRC on your behalf but also in ensuring that you are being fairly assessed in return. As a small business, are you fully aware of what exemptions you may qualify for? Are you taking advantage of possible indulgences? Fair taxing is a two-way street: don’t pay too much because you’re unfamiliar with the system. Being a burgeoning business can be hard enough without handing over more profit than is required because you’re not an expert in accountancy.

Speak to Simon now to see how he can make a difference to balancing your books and let his experience help you through the coming financial years so that you can take your business to the next level.