Tax return for Christmas?

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You may be surprised to know how many people do their tax return over Christmas — thousands actually admit that they spend the holiday filling in the forms for HMRC.

Yes, they do it on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day and some even say they do it on Christmas Day. Don’t be one of them – get expert help with your tax return and ensure peace of mind this holiday. Call Eagle Accountancy in Carmarthenshire now.

Avoid the rush – and late fines

Avoid the stress and rush of completing your tax return over the holidays. Get it done now and have peace of mind over Christmas. Eagle Accountancy can help.

While most of us spend Christmas Day enjoying good food and a well-earned break with family, some Britons admit they spend the day struggling with their tax forms.

According to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, more than 1,500 people filled out tax returns online on December 25th last year. Thousands more visited the website the day before and the day after.

HMRC says at least 20,000 people dedicated part of the Christmas holiday to their tax returns.

The deadline for online self-assessment returns is January 31st, but the Revenue’s campaigns to get people to file early is hitting home.

If you miss the deadline you could have to pay a fine and there may be other penalties if the delay is too long — even if you don’t owe any tax.

Eagle Accountancy in Carmarthen can help to get your return done before Christmas. They offer a whole range of accountancy services and they will do your tax return for you and file it online.

When you use Eagle Accountancy you can call them whenever you need help and advice, without fear of being charged every time you make a call (although they will expect to be left in peace at Christmas!)

Simon, of Eagle Accountancy in Carmarthen, is registered with the ACCA and offers fixed fee accountancy services to businesses in Carmarthen, and surrounding areas.

Eagle Accountancy can look after all your tax and accountancy business and your fee will cover a range of activities, including preparation of accounts and tax returns, two meetings a year and unlimited phone calls.