Need an accountant in Carmarthenshire?

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If you are looking for an accountant how do you know which firm will be the best for you? There’s a guide below to help you decide.

This advice comes courtesy of Eagle Accountancy in Carmarthen where you can find a wide range of services.

How to get the best from your accountant

Whether you are in business or need an accountant for personal matters, selecting the right one for you is an important decision.

You will want to find one that matches your needs, someone you feel comfortable with, who you can trust and whose fees are fair. You want an accountant who takes a real interest in you and your business and takes action on what you need.

The following checklist is produced by Eagle Accountancy in Carmarthen and should help you make your choice.

Check these points:

  • Can you call them whenever you need help and advice, without fear of being charged every time you make a call?
  • Can you speak to openly and honestly with them?
  • Do they understand your needs and your business?
  • Will they visit you for an initial consultation?
  • Is their first consultation free of charge?
  • Do they have tax ideas for you? You need an accountant who will come up with new ideas.
  • Find out if they communicate by email as it speeds up service and saves costs.
  • Get a fixed fee wherever possible for your work. If not, get a fee they won’t go beyond without your agreement.
  • Look at their website tosee how pro-active they are and what they offer to clients.
  • Make an enquiry and see how quickly they respond. If they aren’t fast now when trying to get your business, what will they be like when they act for you?
  • Find out who you will be dealing with in the firm. Best to have a specific staff member dealing with your business, rather than being passed around lots of different people.
  • Find out if they offer all the services you need and are likely to need in the future.
  • Agree fixed timescales by when work will be done and get them to guarantee it.
  • Ask for a copy of their engagement letter and make sure everything you need is included.

For an accountant you can always speak to, call Simon of Eagle Accountancy in Carmarthen. He can tick all the boxes above and offers an out of hours telephone service so that you can get hold of your accountant whenever the need arises.

He is registered with the ACCA and offers fixed fee accountancy services to businesses in Carmarthen, and surrounding areas.

Eagle Accountancy can look after all your tax and accountancy business and you will be charged a fixed fee which covers a range of activities, including preparation of accounts and tax returns, two meetings a year and unlimited phone calls.