Help! I need a new accountant – fast!

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A good accountant can keep your finances in order and maintain cash flow – an exceptional accountant can apply experience and provide advice that can make a considerable difference to your businesses prospects.

How do you find that new accountant who will take your business to the next level?

Finding an accountant can be tricky and it is very much a process of finding someone who is the correct ‘fit’ for you and your business.  Finding someone with whom you can build a working relationship is key.  To put a fine point on it – someone whose language you comprehend, who you are happy to explain your business objectives too and a person, you feel, understands you.

But where to look?

“Googling” accountant, even locally, is little to no help at all.  Instead personal recommendations are the tried and tested route – but even this isn’t without its pitfalls.  To narrow down you search you can;

1 Check with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

2 Look for accountants that work with other businesses like yours.

3 Think about the accounting services you require – typically;

  • Processing invoices and receipts
  • Preparation of your tax return
  • Running a payroll – if you have staff
  • Or maybe you need someone who can analyse your budgets and create forecasts.

4 Go local – national firms will lack the personal touch and availablity that is crucial in developing a good relationship.

5 Read local, independent, verified reviews – you will quickly form an impression as to whether this is the right accountant for you.

6 Arrange a meeting – if after an initial consultation – you decide this isn’t the one for you – try a few more.

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